Tennament flat refirbishment - Meadows edinburgh

This floor in the Meadows area of Edinburgh appeared to be beyond restoration. The client was desparately keen to have an original sanded wooden floor but new plumbing and electrical services had distubed the floor so much that the only option appeared to be a new floor.

GL floors were asked to advise. 

our experienced estimator noted that the remaining floor boards were in good condition and of a good quality. Instead of replacing the floor with a cheap chipboard we undertook repairs to the existing sub floor to introduce new supports and anchor points. We sourced material of a similar grade and character to the original floor and "staggered" the patches to create a natural seamless repair.

Patching Completed

The floor was then completely sanded and sealed with 3 hardwearing coats of Junckers Pro finish Matt lacquer during which the patched areas were tinted with an "aging" agent to produse a similar colour tone to the original boards.

Floor Sanding

The finished result is a beautiful sanded Pine floor with repairs that are hardly visible.

The whole process took 6 full days to complete and would not have been possible without GL Floors expertise and the Craftsmanship of it's opperatives; Drew Williamson and Marc Napier.  

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