National Museum of Scotland

The Architect and Client for the National Museum of Scotland wanted to keep the Original Red Oak strip floors that are such a key characteristic of the Atrium and gallery areas of the Museum. However, the requirement for new service ducts and access points together with the difficulty in sourcing a good match for the original floors seemed to point inevitably to an inelegant solution comprising hundreds of individual patches throughout the floor areas.

GL Floors proposed a different approach.

By lifting all the original floors and laying them to one side the sub floor was completely exposed. This enabled services and access points to be installed much more efficiently and saved unnecessary degradation of the original flooring.

The floor was then re-fitted around the newly installed services to produce a seamless result. New flooring was carefully sourced and specially machined by Atkinson and Kirby of Ormskirk to complete the works.

The final operation was to fully sand the floors to a fine finish and apply 4 Coats of Junckers HP Commercial lacquer to produce a beautiful natural sheen emulating the look of a Natural Wax finish but with the practical durability of a polyurethane.


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