Architectural Barrier Matting

Why architects and interior designers prefer Basmat

Basmat 1

Everyone wants to receive a good impression when entering a building. A beautiful and, at the same time, clean entrance can be a challenge for the architect and interior designer. Basmat is the solution as it provides everything that the professionals demand: beautiful and clean entrances and safety for the public.  

  • Beauty: it gives a distinguished appearance to the entrance.
  • Cleanliness: Basmat stops dirt from transferring onto interior floor coverings.
  • Safety: it helps to prevent slips and falls.
  • Protection of floors against damage and premature wear.
  • A large range of different models and finishes.
  • Basmat means unlimited design. Basmat can be installed in places where it is impossible to place similar mats of other manufacturers; irregular forms, on ramps, between automatic doors, between glass or screens, underneath skirtings, in laminated floors, on stairs, etc.
  • Basmat is specifically designed to cover large surfaces, without dividing the mat in smaller parts.

Basmat 2


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