Traditional values and craftsmnship lie at the heart of everything we do.

Fancy parquet floors are perhaps not as common as they once were but the skills required to fit and finish them are kept alive thanks to our thriving apprenticeship programme. It is our very proud claim to be able to say that all our craftsmen are fully employed and trained by GL Floors. We do not employ sub contractors. 

So for those customers seeking something a bit different we can offer Herringbone floors in varying sizes, Hungarian Stitch. Basket weave, Brick and ladder Patterns. Versailles (and other) Parquet pannels. Marquetry borders and Medallions. All laid, sanded and sealed in the traditional way with Shellak and Wax finish.

These floors are nothing like your standard "off the shelf" plank and strip floors. They are unique works of art. Each example bearing the characteristic signature of the tradesman that fits it. A traditional Hardwood floor is a statement of permenance. Un related to current fad and trend, a parquet floor will be an integral characteristic of the building for as long as it stands. 


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