Line Marking

Line Marking



GL floors have many years experience in marking out court lines on all types of sports floor surface.

Line markings in a multi purpose sports hall or Gymnasium serve to define the playing area. It is vitaly important that the lines are applied to the correct National/International standard in terms of size and colour and with the correct paint to ensure compatibility with the floor surface. We can, where required, scale down court sizes to suit smaller venues whilst maintaining safe run off areas.

We can advise upon the most appropriate products to use for any particular floor. All our cour lines on wood floors are encapsulated below a tough polyurethene surface. This serves to protect the lines from surface wear and tear and also allows for periodic re lacquering to take place without risk of removing the lines. In this way the lines can be warrantied along with the floor as part of a long term preventative maintenance scheme.  




GL floors are happy to assist with all aspects of the specification and installation of your sports floor project. Our experience encompasses floors for Multi-sports use including Permenant and Portable floor solutions. We supply floors for specific applications such as Squash Courts, Dance floors and Aerobics studios. Floors for Community centres and Health Clubs. In our long history we have worked throughout the length and breadth of the British Isles including Anderson High School in the Shetland Isles and The National Table Tennis Association in Guernsey.



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